Respect our Cycling Sisters
It's an outrage that harassment still occurs in our modern civilisation. We can be better than harassing people based on their biology. We are better. Everyone deserves respect. Anything more than 0% is too high.
Retracing Reggae Record Sleeves in London

Photographer Alex Bartsch has painstakingly researched and sought out the original locations of 42 reggae record sleeve cover shots, and rephotographed them in situ. By meticulously matching the record sleeves with their background, Alex has created a fascinating series that represents not only serious patience and eye for detail on his part, but also paints a picture of the history of London’s reggae scene.

Read more here and support here.

Remembering Prince Buster, the Jamaican original who brought ska to the world

Cecil Bustamente Campbell, better known as Prince Buster, died on September 8 from heart problems following a series of strokes. He left behind a legacy that changed the course of Jamaican music, pioneering the ska sound and taking it across the globe. David Katz remembers a true original who recorded with Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry, Tackhead and more.

FACT, click through for more.


Nice article about track cycling from The Newyorker.

Track cyclists dress entirely in Lycra, like action figures (or speed skaters). They wear mirrored shades and helmets that swoop back from their heads, as if blown by the wind. They ride minimalist bikes without brakes, which, for reasons of aerodynamicism, look like the bicycles children draw.

Top Six 'Unreleased' Bob Marley Videos

Six amazing Bob Marley & The Wailers performances captured on film. Not the best sound but pretty cool nonetheless!

Found here and here.

The land before grime: 10 tracks that accidentally predicted East London’s signature sound

Great interesting story by FACT about “accidental grime” tracks from when grime was not given a title yet with tunes from as early as 1982. Listen to them all after the click.

New Parra works

From Juxtapoz: Works by Amsterdam-based artist, designer, fashion designer, sculpturist and all around super-talent Parra, who is taking part in "Juxtapoz x Superflat."

Bob Marley: ‘Bronx Jam Session’ Tape (1968)


A tape that was auctioned at Christie’s on December 20, 2002 for $26,290.  This is as raw as it gets.  Marley, a guitar, and a tape recorder.

From Midnight Raver

Hear a brilliant documentary on black British music from jungle and garage to grime and dubstep

FACTThe best documentary you’re going to hear this week is ‘Roots and Future’, an hour-long radio show tracing the crucial black British influence on UK dance music over two decades, from jungle and drum and bass through to garage, grime and dubstep. Afropop Worldwide is a US public radio show that uses music to explore the history and culture of the African diaspora – check out tons more episodes on their website.

Bombtrack x Hardbrakers 2016 Spot

Animation Spot from our mate Kilian Vilim inspired from our first "Grand Tour 2013" from Budapest - Istanbul.

Also check out this bargain.

Our Side Of The Fence | Anthony Lister

“I believe in free expression. A fence is a fence and if it’s on my side then I should have the right as a citizen who lives on that side to beautify it.” - Anthony Lister

Anthony Lister is an Australian modern artist who walks the line between street art and fine art. Gracing the walls of fine art galleries, pubic spaces and alleyways, Lister is internationally recognised and collected, and consistently exhibits internationally.

CYKELN Magazine Issue 14

The latest great CYKELN Magazine is available now for FREE download.

An alternative way of understanding cycling, a different perspective to describe and tell the characters and stories behind the bike culture at 360°. A magazine that observe with interest the socio-cultural change that moves to the rhythm of a ride. New spaces and new art forms, new disciplines that coexist in the rediscovery of past values . A magazine made by designer, producer, art directors, photographers, journalists, but all united by their passion for the bike and cycling.

Rijksmuseum Releases 250,000 Artworks for Free Download

Hypebeast: Amsterdam’s Rijksmuseum is one of the largest art and history museums in Europe and it just did admirers of the arts a huge favor by making 250,000 of its works available for free viewing and download online. The quarter million-strong cache includes 17th century Dutch masters like Rembrandt and Vermeer, alongside later luminaries like Van Gogh. All of the images are available in high resolution — a short registration process allows viewers to download the works to use as they see fit (the museum encourages you to get creative). You can peruse the extensive and interactive archive here.


Some more irie tunes for the weekend! @BebbleRock artist Kabaka Pyramid teams up with @WalshyFire and Major Lazer for the "ACCURATE" mixtape! This musical gem has the Jamaican lyricist dropping bombs on classic reggae riddims and hip hop instrumentals like "Stalag" and "Gimme the Loot" as well as premiering a number of exclusive, never before heard original productions.The mixtape also features artists like Raekwon of the Wu-Tang Clan, Chronixx, Protoje, Pressue, Koro Fyah, Hempress Sativa and more, plus a special remix version of Major Lazer's "Wave" with Colombian Kali Uchis.

10 Famous People Who Used to Be Bike Messengers

Marky Ramone worked as a bike messenger while in recovery from alcohol addiction, according to his new autobiography.  Wu-Tang Clan’s GZA  I was a bike messenger, which was one of the most flexible jobs I ever had because I was an independent contractor. I took the jobs I wanted to do, so if it rained that week I didn’t go to work. If it was sunny, I went to work. I made good money too at that time.” Jennifer Aniston: “My lowest moment was probably driving into a door that opened. I'm very uncoordinated and extraordinarily klutzy." More here.

CJ Nelson: Streets of Chrome

Besides bikes Chrome is into surfing as well, same as us. Here's a nice portrait of one of their familia members.

Arguably the greatest surfer to ever ride the nose, Mark “CJ” Nelson has lived an exceptionally full life in his first four decades. His talents have been well documented in Thomas Campbell’s films Sprout and The Present and on the pages of every surf publication around the globe. 

Some more about him here.


Loving Vincent

Trailer from the upcoming film "Loving Vincent" by Breakthru Films. Obtained from the official website:

12 oil paintings per second, all done by over 100 painters trained in the same style.

I scaled this up from the original so I could upload it to YouTube while preserving the quality. Not monetized. Please share and support this film!


With things happening here like lock out laws, the government strongly discouraging cycling etc, I thought I'd share you a bit of the city of Amsterdam.

Another video and more after the click.


Anthony Lister struck Los Angeles like a hurricane hitting walls from Venice to Downtown in a whirlwind two weeks in the run up to his show at New Image Art Gallery. The numerous street pieces served as inspiration for the multitude of paintings he worked on and exhibited in September of 2015. An exhibit that not only featured his exquisite paintings on canvas, but also his bronze sculptures, VR experience, and a live performance that shattered expectation. Also interviews with legendary graffiti writer RISK, New Image Art Gallery owner Marsea Goldberg, Director Mark Simpson, and performance artist Ariel Brickman about Lister's incredible style and dedication to his true love, artistic expression. The Creative Lives.

Flying Lotus - FUCKKKYOUUU (a short film by Eddie Alcazar)

With the ability to travel in time, a lonely girl finds love and comfort by connecting with her past self. Eventually faced with rejection she struggles with her identity and gender, and as time folds onto itself only one of them can remain.

Director | Producer | Editor - Eddie Alcazar

Composer | Sound Design - Flying Lotus

Producer - Javier Lovato

Cinematography - Danny Hiele

Cast - Jesse Sullivan | Charles Baker

WATCHxWITNESS Capture Futura Painting On the Bowery

From Highsnobiety: WATCHxWITNESS, otherwise known as photography duo Jason Goldwatch and 13th Witness, were strolling around Manhattan when they stumbled across famed graffiti writer Futura spraying a mural on Houston and Bowery. And as most people with cameras tend to do, they decided to document it.

Really cool video, only thing is that I know 13th Witness is Futura's son...