Bicycle innovations

Cycling has become increasingly popular in recent years, especially in larger metropolitan cities. And while there are certain apps that in turn aid in navigation, SmartHalo has taken the concept to a completely different level, as the impressive tech add-on basically turns your bicycle into a smart bike. More.

The tech whizkids over at Spinetics have revealed a handy phone-charging gadget for all the avid cyclists out there. The CydeKick Pro converts a cyclist’s motion into electrical energy for charging phones via USB, as well as powering the bike’s lights. Thanks to the device’s handy USB connectivity, it can also be used to power action cameras, GPSs, and the like. More.

Time For Trefecta from Trefecta Mobility on Vimeo.


If you have a spare $25k. 

Trefecta has come through with a new electric dirt bike that is not only environmentally friendly, but also soundless. Powered by a 4kW engine as well as a 60-volt battery pack, you can take the DRT bike out for roughly 60 miles at a top speed of 40 mph. With the implementation of a hybrid system that features a 14-speed electrically shifting gearbox, you can also add some pedal power yourself. More.


The makers of this piece couldn’t have chosen a better name as Impossibleimpossibly fits into a backpack despite it being a fully functional bicycle. To accomplish the designers’ goal of being both lightweight and portable, they designed Impossible as a frame built around circles instead of a single horizontal girder. The circular design of the frame helps to ensure that the bike spreads the weight equally across the frame, with the seat and handlebars at similar heights so that the front and rear wheels bear the weight of the rider equally. Carbon fiber is the primary material in the frame, making it both extremely light and very durable, while the “connecting box” in the middle of the frame is one of the handful of pieces made of heavier steel. The current version of Impossible can carry up to 180 pounds/85 kilograms although the makers are hoping to increase that number in future iterations. More.

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