Wheel Talk - The Truth Don't Stop

Wheel Talk - The Truth Don't Stop from Matt Reyes on Vimeo.

It’s hard to tell how difficult some tricks are when they’re being blasted one after another, and you don’t have a chance to fully digest what happened. It’s an editing style that’s common in action sports and will either drops jaws or glue eyes to the screen. After I watch video part that’s almost too impressive it makes me either stoked to go out and ride, or throw in the towel and call it a day. So in an effort to humanize the whole experience, we decided to slow things down a bit and rewind some old footage from the last year.

Matt Reyes
Mike T. Schmitt
Ed "Wonka" Laforte
Ramon Antonio III
Christian Hamrick
Alex Gonzalez
Devon Lawson
Antony Combs

Song: Dr. Dog - The Truth


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