We're back, starting somewhat fresh, with a new name and a couple new faces behind the scenes. TWO, two wheels, the second coming, the sequel to the eleven issues previously published as COG.

There is an archive of timeless content collected with more being produced daily through a vibrant network of people around the world. Content destined for the same high-quality, large-format, lithographed page, hold-it-in-your-hand, smell the ink, arriving in your mailbox experience.

Crafting the printed page is definitely becoming a lost art as digital screens continue to take over the publishing experience. Yet as someone who grew up heavily influenced through skateboarding magazines, cutting out pages to hang on my bedroom wall, and ultimately sought identity through them, I highly value the printed page. Early on I created my own skate 'zine and soon discovered other like-minded artists, documenting the things they love to do.

I've been in this publishing life for a long time. Starting out as a pressman running the venerable AB Dick 360, slowly graduating to a two-color 36" Miehle, printing 4-color cmyk jobs. At the same time I've embraced the digital revolution ever since my friend Ray taught me how to scan a photograph using Digital Darkroom (pre-Photoshop) on his little Macintosh Plus computer in the office of Surfin’ Turf Skatepark.

Along with all the publishing stuff, there’s skateboards, cameras, collaborations, bicycles, the love of food and travel, messenger life, excitement and danger. Always a good amount of danger. Put it all together, perfect bind it and call it TWO.

–Peter DiAntoni, Creative Director — TWO Magazine

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