BLCKCHRM™ builds on Chrome's commitment to making functional quality goods that last a lifetime. Made in America, without compromise. Guaranteed for life. Created by people who care about what they do and how things get made.

Beyond product, BLCKCHRM is a collection of people who aren’t afraid to roll up their sleeves and make things. These are the designers, musicians, photographers, artists, athletes, food cart chefs, and people who have honed their craft and aren’t afraid of limitations. These makers are Chrome's friends who worked to make something happen and in turn have been rewarded. We made BLCKCHRM™ for the dirt bags that carved their own path.

They make each BLCKCHRM™ bag with materials that deliver the highest standard of utility and durability. The exterior of each bag is constructed with Hypalon, originally created to meet the needs of U.S. Coast Guard rescue rafts. Hypalon has a refined stealth look and feel and can withstand the elements of the city. Hypalon will show wear, making the bag uniquely identifiable to the owner. Each bag is lined with black on black digi camo military-grade truck tarpaulin and has full-grain leather panels. The Winged-Lion is de-bossed on full-grain leather and finishes each bag. Each BLCKCHRM™ bag has a pocket lined with soft woven nylon to protect valuable items. Herringbone webbing and rubber-coated hardware keep things in place. BLCKCHRM™ is bombproof and mission ready.

BLCKCHRM™ is made for and by makers. The Chrome crew in Chico, California has the collective bag making experience of over 300 years. From pattern makers who make our designs real, to sewing technicians who create innovative jigs, to the sewers who build each and every bag by hand, BLCKCHRM is made by people who take pride in what they do. Email us at for availability.

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