We met Dylan through hosting street races in San Francisco. He was living in Mill Valley, and is one of those humans with a fire that burns bright. At a young age, he jumped right in, helping us set up art shows, races, just down to do what needed to be done. As we got out to shoot, it was clear he was raised on a bike, and had an incredible amount of control. This suits track bikes in city environments really well. I keep these very basic sketchbooks with video short concepts, including short shot lists. In that sketchbook was Dylan’s intro. To get out from 12:00am to 5:00am on an early Monday Morning, and try to make a car free edit in the city. With Martin, Hunter, and Austin, We hit up some iconic SF locations, and sharing the streets with a small few on that night. California Street was always the Mavericks of the city hills. Over the years, Dylan really locked it in, and wanted to show that. Showing within one cut just how much speed a rider can absorb in a short distance.

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