February 2nd, 2011

PK Ripper

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Just in: The best looking SE PK Ripper fixed so far in my humble opinion.

For 2011, SE revamped the PK Ripper fixed, making it stronger and more geared towards tricks.
The SE 2011 PK Ripper Fixed frame is redesigned with 6066 alloy tubing, making it stronger than its predecessor. A triangle piece is fused between the top tube and bottom tube, another addition to strengthening the PK Ripper. A thicker tubing and wider diameter is throughout the frame.
The forks are SE Landing Gear, which SE claims to be stronger than the 2010 version.
Components of the 2011 SE PK Ripper are the Affix clamp stem, SE 3-piece 48 spline crankset and a shoulder bolt to prevent slipping, Velocity Chukker rims with a high flange flip flop hub, and Odyssey Twisted plastic pedals. $1149

I can also get the previous models in a few sizes for 15% cheaper in silver/blue, black/blue matte black.

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